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Here’s the thing about ‘white pride’ and being proud of your herritage.

9/10, when a white person says theyre proud to be white, they are saying they are proud to be a member of the master race and believe whole heartedly in white surpremacy. These are usually people who believe in ‘white savorship’ in which we should be glad to be reacued by white people, colonialism supporters, xenophobes, ‘White Europe for White People’ types.

When a PoC says they are proud to be xyz ethnicity and race, we are saying that despite the lies, the slander, and the stereotypes, we are proud to be who we are and proud of our accomplishments.

No where do we say we are better than any other race.

You want to be proud to be Irish or German or Italian? Go ahead.

But if youre going to take a neo-nationalist approach to your pride, Im not here for you.

Its like some white people are incapable of showing pride without having a white surpremacist view. Its like they cannot go ‘Oh, I love my British ancestors but I agree they did some awful things!’ Or ‘I love my culture and my people, but your culture is beautiful as well!’ Its always ‘My culture is the best, white is the best, white is beautiful, and all others (especially Black people) are weak.’ Its always ‘Im proud of my ancestors and I dont care what they did to yours, and what we’re still doing to you now. You should be glad we took you out of the jungle’

I dont hate European history, herbs, deities, practices, or folklore. Im just tired of fucking hearing about it while I never get a chance to celebrate my own culture and history, especially since I keep getting shit on every fucking 10 posts by racists.

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Also the Vikings were known to be complete dandies. They sought bright colors, jewelry, imported Persian silks. Ribbons. Little mirrors sewn onto clothing, in Sweden. The men had long hair that was scandalous to Christians, and they carried combs and earspoons and such things with them. I recall seeing documents where the eastern Norse were big on baths and one of their demands in a particular negotiation was “we get to have baths drawn for us whenever we want”, which was often.

They used soap with agents designed to bleach hair to try to make themselves blonder.

SRSLY. Look at this stuff.

I’m sorry longhaired prettyboy viking men in gaudy clothing and jewelry, bleaching and combing their hair, doesn’t match with your Conan-the-Barbarian manlyman aesthetic.

…or the fact that a significant portion of the Norse were traders, fishermen, farmers, and herders, and weren’t raiding, pillaging warriors or hired Byzantine thug-bodyguards.

tannerjevans, I feel like this may interest you =P

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